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Pocket Heaters

Sunpentown SH-113FB Portable hand warmer Pocket heaters come in handy on many occasions. Widely used by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, they also work well in emergency situations. Because they are so affordable, there really is no reason not to have one on hand, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The little warmers come in two varieties, refillable and disposable. The choice is up to you. At the time of this writing, prices range from approximately nine dollars for a pack of 10 disposable heaters to $60 for a deluxe model with electric ignition. The concept of this … [Read More...]

Water Filled Electric Radiators

No plumbing is required to operate a water filled electric radiator heater. They are lightweight, environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance free. Many individuals who heat their homes and businesses with this type of radiator report paying 40 to 50 percent less for electricity than they did when they used an alternative heat source. That is quite a savings! Click here to check out some electric radiator heaters on eBay In fact, recent studies show that when a home is well-insulated, electricity is typically more efficient than gas. Unlike some other heaters, these units don't … [Read More...]

Wall Mounted Bathroom Heaters

There are numerous sizes and styles of bathroom heaters. Wall mounted versions tend to be among the most popular, and they are very versatile and simple to install. Read on for more information about bathroom heaters, wall mounted style. Many homeowners choose to install one of these heaters to ward off cold air on a chilly fall or winter evening. They also do a wonderful job of circulating air throughout the room in any season. It should be noted that the majority of these heating units are suitable for use in many rooms of the house, not just the bathroom. This type of heater is … [Read More...]

Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

Today’s economy is forcing people to be more creative with their heating options. Some families prefer to use gas to heat their homes and others prefer wood burning stoves. A newer trend in homes is the use of wall mounted fan heaters. These heaters take the guesswork out of heating your home and are budget friendly. Just like any other product, there are hundreds of different kinds of fan heaters to choose from. The benefit of using one of these heaters in your home far outweighs any of the negatives. Wall mounted fan heaters are well-liked because of their safety features. The fan can be … [Read More...]

What You Need to Know About Halogen Heaters

When choosing a heater for your home, office, or other space, there are many options. A halogen heater is one of the many devices you can use for warming up a space, but is it right for you? Read on to find out all about this type of heater and whether it would work well in your space. What is a Halogen Heater A halogen heater is a type of portable heating unit that plugs into an electrical outlet and provides heat for enclosed areas. This kind of heating device uses halogen lamps rather than butane or propane conductors or electrical coils. The heater uses oscillating fans to quickly move … [Read More...]

Looking for a Convector Heater?

Convector heaters are best described as heat exchangers. Instead of producing heat on their own, these units create a convection current as they re-circulate the heat that is already in the room. They continue to circulate air in this manner until the ambient temperature in the surrounding area is equal to that of the unit's heating element, or until they are turned off. In other words, the element in the heater warms the air. This warm air rises and is immediately replaced by cooler air which goes through the same process of being heated. This type of heater is available in a variety of … [Read More...]

Diesel Tent Heater Basics

A diesel tent heater is a heater that produces clean heat without the need of electricity. Although they are commonly used by the military, this type of heater is also suitable for an alternate structure, such as a workshop, cottage or garage. If you're looking for this type of heater, they are available in several sizes and heat output. These heaters require little maintenance and are easy to operate. And lighting the portable furnace is simple, as well. They are equally suited for temporary or permanent use, in even the coldest of climates. All units are typically equipped with several … [Read More...]

Best 3 Diesel Heaters

When the cold begins to set in and the need for heat becomes apparent, diesel heaters are a heating method to consider. Ideally, diesel heaters are mostly intended for use in industrial and commercial applications, but they are often found at construction sites and in large multi-use tents, and there a few that are designed for home use as well. Diesel heating systems come with direct and indirect firing systems along with potential multi-fuel capabilities. When purchasing a diesel heating system, buyers should be aware that these systems require more maintenance than other heating systems. … [Read More...]

The Benefits of a Toe Kick Heater

One of the most common complaints of homeowners is the difficulty of heating areas with limited space, such as the bathroom. It's hard to convince little ones to take a bath knowing they are going to be uncomfortably cold as soon as they turn the water off. Other areas that are hard to heat include kitchens, stairways, and foyers. The perfect solution to achieve the ideal temperature in these areas is the use of a toe kick heater. A toe kick heater is a small heater that utilizes space under a cabinet or sink. And while they are ignificantly smaller than baseboard heaters, these compact, … [Read More...]

Golf Cart Heaters, For the Serious Golfer

For the serious golfer, a golf cart heater can be the ultimate accessory. On a chilly morning, golf cart heaters allow you to get out on the green and stay comfortable as you drive around in the cart. If you are a golfer and plan to golf during cold weather, a heater is a must have item. For anyone thinking of purchasing a heater, here are some things you’ll need to think about before making a purchase. Heat Output How much heat will you need? It depends on how cold it will get and the setup of your golf cart. If the golf cart is covered and enclosed, then a standard heater will probably … [Read More...]

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