Battery Operated Space Heaters – Good Luck

Most people have heard of an electric space heater but how many are aware of the battery operated space heater? If you're online looking for one. Good luck. There are some battery operated heaters out there like the
Sunpentown Portable Hand Warmer
or the RoadPro 12v Space heater. Which goes to show that the only heaters that we know of that actually run off battery power, are those made for use in vehicles that run off a car battery. But even then, they only run effectively while the car is running. You just can't get much heat off of a battery, even a 1/2 kilowatt heater would quickly drain a car battery in no time. You'll find that most "battery operated heaters" simply mean that the fan is battery operated possibly, if that.

12 Volt Battery Powered Heater

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Having a portable heat source is convenient when extra heat is needed in a small area. There are many styles and price ranges of portable heaters. Most customers purchase the electric version instead of one that uses fuel to operate; such as radiant patio heaters or something similar. However, the electric powered heater, or even DYI Solar heaters are becoming a popular alternative.


The use of a small extension cord with an electric model could result in fire because the unit may overheat. Manufacturers usually recommend plugging this unit directly into the wall socket. If a longer cord is necessary, a heavy-duty extension cord made from 14-gauge or higher wire should be used.

When purchasing battery operated (electric) portable heaters, the size of the area in which it will be used should be considered. If the space heater is not large or powerful enough to heat the area, it may need to be run on high constantly. This reduces the cost-effective feature of this product. If the unit is too large, consumers may continually be too hot, increasing their level of frustration. Reading the intended room dimensions on the product packaging will result in a smart purchase.

Space heaters can make a cold room much more comfortable. For example, even if a sunroom is heated, it often remains colder than the rest of the home due to its large number of windows. Turning up the home heating system may be prohibitive in terms of cost. It could also cause the rest of the home to become too hot, if separate climate zones have not been installed. By using an electric operated space heater, this room becomes warm while the rest of the home stays temperate and the gas bill is not impacted.

A battery (electric) operated space heater usually costs under $100 and smaller, more basic units have a much lower price tag.

Emergency situations in the home when the power goes out, and the weather outside is briskly cold are the best use for a propane operated space heater like the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater (also runs on outlet power). Other great uses for these heaters include camping trips, emergency car kits and park pavilions.

In most cases, a battery powered heater such as the NU Warm Stone Portable Heater will not provide warmth for a long enough durations or in large spaces. The obvious downside to using this kind of heat is its short-lived power source. Most battery powered heaters have a running life of less than twelve hours with power enough to adequately warm only about thirty square feet. Because of their small range and limited power, their use is largely geared toward emergency situations.

People might wonder why a longer lasting propane heat source would not be a better choice.  However, in an enclosed space gas heat is not safe. Propane in a home without heat as an emergency source of warmth fills a room with toxic gas. This process happens faster in an enclosed trapped car.  Electricity heats the coils of a heater, warming metal and conducting heat to the surroundings.
Not only is battery power not toxic, it also keeps users safe from fire hazard. Gas heat must generate a flame to work. In an enclosed space, flames both consume oxygen and present a fire hazard. At a picnic or park and for outdoor camping, gas heat is perfectly reasonable. It does provide greater warmth and burns longer. When people are in need of safe warmth battery operated portable heaters are the clear choice.

Though the plain drawbacks of limited batteries make heaters like the Sengoku Omni Radiant Portable Kerosene Heater (that has a battery operated starter) little more than a short-term solution when a situation requires immediate safe warmth for a limited time owners will be happy to have the heat. Keeping a supply of extra battery power on hand can lengthen the window of use and replacing empty charge after empty charge is expensive. When the press is on though, money is not an issue.

In more recent research (since we originally wrote this article) we came across another interesting battery powered heating product. Although this still may not be what you're looking for, it does provide heat for your feet. The Cozy Feet battery operated insoles. If you or someone you love works outside a lot in the winter, (or maybe a hunter) this may be a good gift option for them. Although there have been mixed reviews, overall the product seems to work.